Tuition, Fees and Financial Responsibilities

Tuition –Tuition for the 2019/2020 school year is $3,100.00 per student.  Maximum family tuition is $6,200 plus school fees.

A multi-child discount on school fees is as follows:

1 child - $800

2 children - $750 per child

3 or 4 students - $700 per child

5 or more students - $650 per child

If a student is on full tuition, fees on the invoice may be listed as:  $3100 + $800 = $3900.

Parishioners who fulfill the requirements listed below under The Stewardship Tuition Rate will not pay the $3100.00.  They will pay the school fee as listed.

Fees:   The School Fee is $800.00

The Stewardship Tuition Rate:

Participating parishioners of St. Michael Church must fulfill the following requirements to receive the Stewardship Tuition Rate for school tuition:

  1. Be a registered in the parish office as a parishioner of St. Michael Church with a current stewardship intention card completed and on file with the parish office representing a target of giving 5% of gross income.  
  2. Attend mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
  3. Pray regularly for the success of St. Michael School and students.
  4. Complete at least 40 hours of volunteer service that benefits St. Michael School or Parish.
The Non-Stewardship Tuition Rate: Those not following the Stewardship Tuition guidelines will pay $3,100 per student plus $800 school fees.  Maximum family tuition is $6,200 plus school fees. Multi-child discount on school fees apply.

The parish is committed to insuring that any family that wants their child to receive a Catholic education at St. Michael School can do so.  Financial assistance is available for those families who meet the requirements for the State of Indiana Choice Scholarship and/or SGO program.  Please direct questions to the Business Manager in the parish office.