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Delays & Closings

Franklin County Community School Corporation Bad Weather Days

The decision to delay or cancel school is rarely an easy one and one we do not take lightly. When making our decision we consult with a number of knowledgeable resources including county and state highway officials, law enforcement personnel, and experienced school bus drivers to help us make informed decisions that will keep your children safe.

Because of our large geographic area, sometimes roads in one area appear passable, while hazardous driving conditions exist in a different part of the county, impacting our ability to operate buses safely. At other times, after extended periods of bad weather, main roads are passable but lesser-traveled roads are not. For this reason, we have implemented procedures that may allow us to have fewer “snow days” to make up later in the year.

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If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a student being bullied in St. Michael School please click the link below. Please click the link below to report any bullying activity:
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      St. Michael School
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      Mr. Ashley Meyer, Principal

      Phone: 765-647-4961
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      The Mission of Saint Michael School is to provide all students with a sound Catholic and scholastic education which will serve them as children of God in this life and in the next. We are dedicated to encouraging each student to develop his or her spiritual, mental, physical and social gifts to the fullest in the context of a Christian way of life.
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