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Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.'~Abigail Adams


Welcome to 2nd Grade News
WEEK OF 4/15
Please remember to check green folders daily.
The students started their First Communion Journals before break.  They took them home to continue working on them as they prepare for the big day.
Third Tuesdays~PO meetings 6 p.m.
4/17~Retreat with 4th grade
4/19~Good Friday Service
4/25~Evening practice for First Communion
4/28~First Communion Mass 12:00 noon
4/29~Field Trip to Town Park to celebrate First Communion~more details to come
5/6~NWEA this week for 2nd grade
5/8~Early Dismissal 2:50
5/9~May Crowning~more info to come
5/10~Mission Day
5/17~Field Trip to Oldentburg~more info to come
5/27~Memorial Day-no school
5/29~Last Day
2nd Grade Wish List: 

READING: Unit 6 Week 3~Essential Question: Why is teamwork important?

Phonics: consonant + le  spelled:  can be spelled le, el, or al

Vocabulary: You can find the vocabulary in the Reading/Writing Workshop book. Vocabulary will be introduced on Monday.
Stories/Poem: You will find the story for the week in the Literature Anthology book.  The story will be introduced on Wednesday.

Monday evening: vocab pgs. 432-433

Tuesday evening: read vocab pgs. 434-437

Wednesday evening: read pgs. 536-551 and 554-555

Thursday evening: review story and vocab for test pgs. 432 (VOCAB) &  536-551 (STORY)


ENGLISH/WRITING:   The students will be working with adjectives that compare, using er and est.  The students will also review apostrophes with possessive nouns.

SPELLINGYOUR CHILD NEEDS TO  STUDY THE WORDS HE/SHE CIRCLED ON THE WHITE SHEET OF PAPER.Pretest on Monday, worksheets on Tuesday and Thursday, spelling sentences on Wednesday (come up with your ideas on Tuesday evenings), test on Friday

Students will have Show and Tell on Friday.  Everyone needs to bring one item to share.   

CURSIVE:  The students have learned all of the  cursive letters.  Everyone is now writing their names in cursive and applying their skills to some assignments.

The students made "Measurement Man" last Friday.  They were asked to put him on the fridge or somewhere that they could study and review.  The students will be reviewing capacity M-W.  They will be taking a conversions quiz over capacity on Thursday.
FYI...Vocabulary will be on the tests.  Please be sure to review vocab with your child.
  KEEP PRACTICING ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION MATH FACTS DAILY!!!  Flash cards are a great way to review and practice.

We will finish chapter 22 this week with a test on Wednesday.

We will then discuss the Three Days in chapter 21.  This is a very short chapter and there will be no test.  I hope you will consider joining the parish in celebrating this very special church season starting with Holy Thursday Mass.  See the bulletin for times.  The best way for your child to learn about them is by experiencing them. 

On Monday, we will read and discuss chapter 27 about Easter.  Again, this is a short chapter and there will be no test.  After that, we will prepare for First Communion.

Some key ideas to remember for chapter 22. HINT~Use these bullets as a study guide. Chapter 22:  

  • God calls us to love and serve him.
  • Not everyone in the Church serves God in exactly the same way.
  • Holy Orders
  • Husbands and wives are called to share God's love with each other and with their children.
  • Married Catholics have celebrated the sacrament of Matrimony.
  • All Catholics are called to share God's love with their families, parishes, and communities.
  • priests
  • religious brothers and sisters
  • Draw a picture to show some ways that you can love and serve God now.
  • Draw a picture to show some ways that you can love and serve God as you get older.

The students will prepare for First Reconciliation and First Communion this year.  They will receive these sacraments later in the school year, but you can help your child by helping them prepare now by visiting Jesus weekly at Mass and participating.

In order to be fully prepared to receive the sacraments, this year  your child will need to know the following prayers. 

  • The Sign of the Cross (with the right hand)
  • Our Father
  • Hail Mary
  • Glory Be
  • Act of Contrition 
Science: The students went to a convocation last week about Camp Invention.  The students will be planting some seeds with the supplies we received from Camp Inventions.  They will be observing their growth. 
S.S.: Students will learn about our country's government.

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Mrs. Kersey

Created: Aug 12, 2009
Updated: Apr 15, 2019
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Contact Me!
Mrs. Kersey

Created: Aug 12, 2009
Updated: Apr 15, 2019
Viewed 5247 times

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