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Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.'~Abigail Adams


Welcome to 2nd Grade News
WEEK OF 8/13
Please remember to check green folders daily.

We will show off our hard work each week.  After I send home graded papers on Friday, please remember to bring back a graded paper on Mondays to hang in the hallway. Once they have been in the hall, I will put a checkmark on the score so you know to pick a different one the next week.  Let's show off that hard work!!! 
I am on a prayer team for OA.  Last year the organizer agreed to allow the 2nd graders to be a part of it also.  We will begin our week each Monday with the intentions that are emailed to me by praying a decade of the rosary together.
Today in the green folder, you will find a copy of the prayers the students will need to know this year.  We will begin by learning the Sign of the Cross, using the right hand.  The students will checked individually by the end of August to see if they have mastered it.  The Our Father will be by the end of September.  The Glory Be will be in October.  The Hail Mary in November and the Act of Contrition by the end of December.
I will be out this Friday to take my son to college.  With this, reading and spelling will be a practice week and no grades will be recorded.  They will be graded, but you will not find them in the green folder this week.  I will review them and send them home on Monday. Thank you for your understanding. :)

Third Tuesdays~PO meetings 6 p.m.
8/15~Assumption Mass 8:45
8/21~Sacramental Prep Parent meeting 6:30 in cafeteria
8/24~Fall Fest basket donations due~Make checks out to me
9/8-9/9~Fall Fest
9/12~Early Dismissal 3:00
10/12~Picture day
11/14~Early Dismissal 3:00
12/12~Early Dismissal 3:00
1/9~Early Dismissal 3:00
2/13~Early Dismissal 3:00
3/13~Early Dismissal 3:00
4/10~Early Dismissal 3:00
5/8~Early Dismissal 3:00
2nd Grade Wish List: 
Prizes~Happy Meal size or smaller
inside recess activities
gallon size Ziplock bags
sandwich size Ziplock bags

READING: Unit 1 Week 1  ~Essential Question: How do friends depend on each other?

Vocabulary: You can find the vocabulary in the Reading/Writing Workshop book. Vocabulary will be introduced on Monday.
Stories/Poem: You will find the story for the week in the Literature Anthology book.  The story will be introduced on Wednesday.

Monday evening: vocab pgs. 20-21

Tuesday evening: read vocab story pgs. 22-27

Wednesday evening: read story pgs. 10-29

Thursday evening: review story and vocab for test pgs. 20-21 & 10-29


ENGLISH/WRITING:   The students will review types of sentences like staements, questions, and exclamations with correct punctuation.

SPELLINGYOUR CHILD NEEDS TO  STUDY THE WORDS HE/SHE CIRCLED ON THE WHITE SHEET OF PAPER. Pretest on Monday, worksheets on Tuesday and Thursday, spelling sentences on Wednesday (come up with your ideas on Tuesday evenings), test on Friday

Students will have Show and Tell on Friday.  Everyone needs to bring one item to share.

CURSIVE:  The students will learn cursive after Christmas Break.  Please allow me to introduce how to make the strokes in class.

 The students will begin chapter 1 this week.
M~ addition properties
T~count on to add
W~doubles and near doubles
T~make a ten
F~addition and subtraciton practice
FYI...Vocabulary will be on the tests.  Please be sure to review vocab with your child.
  KEEP PRACTICING ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION MATH FACTS DAILY!!!  Flash cards are a great way to review and practice.

We will begin chapter 1 and we will also discuss the Assumption of Mary into Heaven which will be celebrated at Mass on Aug. 15th.  The test for chapter 1 will be Tuesday, 8/21.

Some key ideas to remember for chapter 1. HINT~Use these bullets as a study guide. 

Chapter 1:

  • Jesus means "God saves"
  • Jesus taught that the God loves everyone.
  • divine/human
  • Holy Family/Blessed Trinity
  • What did Jesus teach people by his words and by his actions?
  • What prayer did Jesus teach to the people? When do we pray this prayer?

The students will prepare for First Reconciliation and First Communion this year.  They will receive these sacraments later in the school year, but you can help your child by helping them prepare now by visiting Jesus weekly at Mass and participating.

In order to be fully prepared to receive the sacraments, this year  your child will need to know the following prayers. 

  • The Sign of the Cross (with the right hand)
  • Our Father
  • Hail Mary
  • Glory Be
  • Act of Contrition 
These might get pushed to the back burner until we learn routine in the other subjects. ;)
Science: The students will discuss properties of matter.
S.S.: The students will discuss communities in our first unit. 

Contact Me!
Mrs. Kersey

Created: Aug 12, 2009
Updated: Aug 14, 2018
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Contact Me!
Mrs. Kersey

Created: Aug 12, 2009
Updated: Aug 14, 2018
Viewed 4764 times

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