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Welcome to Computer Class and Technology

Computer Science class at St. Michael school helps prepare students in K through 8 for the ever-changing world of computers and software technology.  Students learn about Data and Information, Computing Devices and Systems, Programs and Algorithms, Networking and Communication, and Impact and Culture. 

Technology class challenges our 8th graders with STEM activities such as computer programming, robotics, 3D programming, and drones.


Weekly Agenda


Pre-K - Starfall.

Kindergarden - Tux Typing. 

First Grade - Tux Typing.

Second Grade - Code.org.  Oregon Trail.

Third Grade - IREAD Free Day!

Forth Grade - Code.org.  Oregon Trail.

Fifth Grade - Code.org.

Sixth Grade - Google Sheets.

Seventh Grade - Google Sheets.

Eighth Grade - Google Sheets.

Eighth Grade Tech - Password Crack program Part 2.

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Mr. Amrhein

Photo Gallery
Contact Me!
Mr. Amrhein

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