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ALL parent drivers for school activities need a copy of their driver's license and insurance on file in the office.

ALSO, ALL medication needs to be sent to school in the original packaging to be dispensed in the office.  That includes Tylenol, Advil, and even cough drops.  The office will no longer dispense anything unless a parent sent it in.

BUDDIES--6th graders team up with the 4 year old preschool class each week for 'Buddies.'  This gives the 6th graders an opportunity to grow in leadership and responsibility for a few minutes.  Sometimes 6th graders help with reading books to the 4 yr. olds, sometimes they help them learn their letter of the week, and sometimes it's just fun and games.  

Week of October 29
6th Grade Math with Mrs. McKinney

 We will begin chapter 4 this week. We will discuss factorization and Greatest Common Factors.



Students will get to read as many books as they want and take quizzes whenever they are ready to earn points for a prize.  Their goal is 30 points for an "A" for a reading grade each quarter.   If a student earns more than 50 points, he/she can receive a treat like a candy bar or a small bag of chips.If they reach 150 points by the end of the year, then he/she will have an ice cream party.

Students need to read books that have 5 or more points.  
Deadline for 2nd  quarter points is December 14.
Each week a student presents a Poem of the Week.  The poem should be written by a famous published author.  The student will stand in the front of the room and read the poem.  There is a calendar hanging in classroom that shows dates for the presentations.  Students have no reason not to know when he/she presents.

In class this week we read  "Langston Terrace."  There will be comprehension questions to answer, and those will be due on Wednesday. There will be a test on Friday.


 We will work on WS's that go with lesson 5 words.  The WS's need to be completed in cursive by Wednesday.  We will NOT have a spelling test on Friday.  

PLEASE SAVE ALL WORD LISTS from week to week because there will be review activities every few weeks and students need to have old lists.  




Students have their own copies of the Jingles and the Reference pages.  They are expected to keep these pages handy and in proper working condition for the year as we do not have textbooks for English.

We will practice what we have learned about transitive verbs and direct objects in unit 2. We will be learning about compound sentences as well.

The 6th grade will read a book called Bounce written by Chad Varga. a former NBA player.  It is inspirational and has many good lessons.  We will be reading this in class and discussing together.


We are praying the rosary each week so make sure your child has a rosary. If your child does not have a rosary, he/ she will not get participation points.  

We will learn about the Holy Spirit in chapter 7 this week.

Social Studies

We are reviewing chapter 7 for a test on Thursday, October 18.


We are working in chapter 1 to explore motion. 

Students will perform labs to see how velocity changes and calculate average speed.

Don't Forget:  Leaf Collections are due October 31!

7th Grade Math with Mrs. Stirn

The students will solve one-step equations containing fractions.  We will begin working in Chapter 4 - Proportional Relationships.  They will find/compare unit rates and identify/solve proportions.

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