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It's hard to believe summer break is gone:(  But I am excited to be back in the classroom with my students. 

Sept 9-10--St. Michael Festival--6th Grade will make a basket with a Cincinnati Bengals Theme.  Please donate items toward this basket or send in money so I can purchase items for the basket.  Send in all donations by Sept. 1st.  Thank you.


ALL parent drivers for school activities need a copy of their driver's license and insurance on file in the office.

ALSO, ALL medication needs to be sent to school in the original packaging to be dispensed in the office.  That includes Tylenol, Advil, and even cough drops.  The office will no longer dispense anything unless parent sent it in.

Week of August 14

 We will work on lesson 1 in spelling.  Packets are due on Wednesday.  There will be a test Friday, August 18.

SPELLING LISTS CAN BE FOUND AT www.wordlywise3000.com



BOOKADVENTURE--Students will get to read as many books as they want and take quizzes whenever they are ready to earn points for a prize.  Their goal is 600 points for an "A" for a reading grade each quarter.   If they earn 1000 points, they can receive a treat, and if they reach 3500 points by the end of the year, they will receive an ice cream party.

Students are NOT ALLOWED to read books that they have read before.  6th graders need to read books that are in the 6th grade level or higher.  They may read a 5th grade level book if it has a Lexile score of 900 or higher.  I will keep track in school of books and points at school.

Deadline for 1st Quarter is Sept. 29.

We will read  "Stray" in our reading text this week and have a test on Friday.  Answers to questions are due on Thursday.

6th Grade Math with Mrs. McKinney

We will begin chapter 1 and learn about estimating and division this week.    

We will be taking Timed Multiplication and Division tests too this year.  So make sure you know your math facts!!


We are praying the rosary each week so
make sure your child has a rosary. If your child does not have a rosary, he/ she will not get participation points.

The Catholic Faith is very important to me, and we will have religion class each day.  I expect participation in class as well as at Mass and during Rosary and other prayer moments.

We will begin chapter 1 and learn about how we grow in our faith with God.


Students have their own copies of the Jingles and the Reference pages.  They are expected to keep these pages handy and in proper working condition for the year as we do not have textbooks for English.

This week we will be reviewing what students have learned and will be practicing our jingles. 

Social Studies

We begin the year with a study of the physical geography of the United States and Canada in chapter 4.


We are working in chapter 1 to investigate scientific inquiry.   Students will perform a virtual lab to implement the steps of scientific inquiry and design a zipline ride.

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