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BIG THANKS for taking time out to come chat with me during conferences!!  You all are amazing and that's why you have such awesome kiddos!!  God bless!!


Specials Dates:

  • October 17, SMS Spirit Wear
  • October 22-26, FALL BREAK!!
Week of October 15
What's Going On...

Reading: This week is a little different!! We are studying various forms of figurative language; similes, metaphors, alliteration, hyperbole, and idioms.  We will learn how they are used in poetry and other forms of writing...FUN WEEK!!

Small Groups: We have begun to break into small reading groups using our leveled readers.  Students copperate to work on vocabulary, fluency, decoding, and comprehension.

Spelling: chick, much, pitch, teacher,lunch,hatch,cheese,stretch,thick,truth, them,pathway,fish,whales,what,streak,thread, spray


Challenge Words: sandwich, weather

Vocabulary story: Poetry

Vocabuary: imagine, bounce, observers, and inventor

Religion- Begin Saint projects...

Math-Chaper 3-Subtraction

Science-End Weather unit

Social Studies-End of chapter assessment-in class review for Unit 1

Writing: Poetry

**Working on possessive nouns


Contact Me!

Created: Aug 8, 2017
Updated: Oct 15, 2018
Viewed 727 times

Contact Me!

Created: Aug 8, 2017
Updated: Oct 15, 2018
Viewed 727 times

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