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Important Dates:

December 12: Early Release 2:50

December 12: Make Rosary with my mother in law in class

December 13: We go to confession as a class

December 14: Family gifts are due



Week of December 10
What's Going On...

Reading: Genre: Folktale

Small Groups:We are working on reading, vocabulary, and some spelling in our small groups. 

Spelling: spoon, tube, July, goose, due, look, booth, clues, shook, gloom, true, notebook, rude, chew, could, coins, joyful, round

Challenge Words: classroom, childhood

Vocabulary story: Nail Soup

Vocabuary: aroma, expect, flavorful, healthful, graceful, interrupted, lusciuos, variety

Religion- Advent, reconciliation

Second week of advent


Math-continued multiplication facts and their relationship to division

**Practice those at home!! Flascards either online, ones you have, or make them using index cards.  I also have the kiddos practice writing them out...it helps!!

We are also working on area and perimeter.

Science-Christmas labs!! We did Cookie and Milk (We used three types of cookies to see which would absorb the most milk.  Those were the ones to leave for Santa!)  This week we are mixing an Elf's treat using milk, corn syrup, and food coloring.  We need to decide if the can/will mix!

Social Studies-Holidays around the world!!

**Working on past tense verbs, suffixes, and complete sentences.


Contact Me!

Created: Aug 8, 2017
Updated: Dec 10, 2018
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Contact Me!

Created: Aug 8, 2017
Updated: Dec 10, 2018
Viewed 889 times

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