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Week of 4/15/19

 *Fruit Basket

Students will be able to purchase fruit with a monetary donation at snack time. Furit includes: berries, bananas, oranges, apples, and grapes.

Class Dojo

*Still missing a few!

An invite to join Class Dojo has been sent home. Please join with the information provided. Please let me know if you need a new code.

Safe and Sacred

Anyone that volunteers at SMS, must have a background check and Safe and Sacred training!

*PK4 Parents, just a friendly reminder from Admin. about the Tithing Parishioner Credit. Participating parishioners of St. Michael Church must fulfill the following requirements to receive the "tithing parishioner credit" for school tuition. These requirements need to be fulfilled a year prior to admission to St. Michael School in order to particpate in the Tithing Parishioner Credit.

1. Be a registered member of St. Michael Church.

2.Pray regularly and often for the success of St. Michael School.

3. Attend mass at St. Michael Church on a regular basis (every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation).

4. Tithe regularly to St. Michael Church, with a target of 5% of gross income.

5. Commit to completing 40 hours of service that benefits St. Michael Students.

*Shorts are now permitted starting Monday, April 1st. Please use discretion in accordance with the weather. We typically do outdoor play.

*The Preschool Room is Nut Free for both 3s and 4s this year. Anything with nuts, processed in a nut facility, or may contain traces of any type of nut will be permitted for snacks or parties. The same for lunches since the preschoolers will eat together and will not be separated. 

Please also note that we have a sesame allergy as well. Thanks :  )

Here are two links to help with snack/lunch ideas that are Nut Free.


*Lots of sickness will be floating around..please sure your child is fever free for 24 hours before returning to school

*Please refrain from sending toys with your students.  They are just too distracted and it causes conflict.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me:

Pamela Holman



4s:(Wednesday-Friday Class)


Letter of the Week: Xx

Number: number formation 10-20

Religion: St. Xavier

We are practicing reading sight words  Please look for extra materials that will be sent home on Fridays for enrichment. The sight word books are a great way to keep practicing early reading.

We attend Mass on Thursdays. If you have time, practice the Sign of the Cross!

With Kindergarten on the horizon...Here are some tips to help be successful at mass : )

-Leave snacks, drinks, toys, and other occupants at home.

-Help your child practice standing, sitting, and kneeling when it is expected.

-Limit bathroom breaks during mass time.

3s (Monday-Tuesday Class)


Letter of the Week: xx

Religion: St. Xavier

Number: Review

We attend Mass on Tuesdays. Please practice the Sign of the Cross!

We will work on letter formation, identification, and letter sound. The 3s have also started Zoo Phonics. Zoo Phonics is a program that reviews letter sounds with kinestic movement. Please practice name writing at home!

Dates to Remember!

April 22-26 ESGI Testing and Assessments (finishing up)

April 19  Make-up Day

April 22 Make-up Day 

May 7  Volunteer Mass

May 8   Early Dismissal

May 9  May Crowning

May 17 4 Year Old (Make-Up Field Trip) 

May 24 Mission Day

May 29 Last Day of School 

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Photo Gallery
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Created: Jul 25, 2016
Updated: Apr 18, 2019
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Visit Our Parish Community

mapVisit the churches of our parishes.


If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a student being bullied in St. Michael School please click the link below. Please click the link below to report any bullying activity: