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Welcome to Eighth Grade!
Welcome to the eighth grade web page! I hope you find all the answers to your questions.  If you still have more questions even after you have looked through this website, please email me and I will do my best to help you out.
What's going on this week? December 10th
Lunch Helpers!

Thursday--December 13th--Laney, Christian, George

Thursday--December 20th--Clare, Erin, Kayla

Important Notes


  • Don't forget to get those Conduct Reports signed on the weekends.  They MUST be signed and return every Monday.
  • Check out the important website links to the right for information on your child's progress in each class and extra skills practice in math and reading.
Dates to Remember
  • Dec. 11th and 13th--Play practice
  • Dec. 12th--Early release day @ 2:50
  • Dec. 13th--Christmas Program @ 7pm
  • Dec. 14th--confessions for grades 6-8 in the AM.
  • Dec. 14th-- Making Gingerbread houses with Kindergarten buddies.
  • Dec. 21st--End of Quarter 2
  • Dec. 24th/Jan. 4th--Christmas Break
  • Jan. 9th--Early release day @ 2:50
  • Jan. 11th--Report cards go home

We will continue working in Chapter 5 - Rational Numbers and Equations. The students will multiply and divide fractions. They will also solve equations with fractions.

Algebra I

Students will be learning about systems of linear equations in chapter 5.  They wil learn how to find solutions by graphing, substitution, and the elimination methods.


Students will explain that God shares divine life and love with us in chapter 6. 

Students MUST have rosaries at school every Wednesday. They will receive participation points and I will be checking that they have one each time we go to church for rosary in the morning.


Social Studies

Students will discuss economic and cultural aspects of colonial life and explain the causes of the French and Indian War in chapter 4. They are created their own colonial character and that character is telling us all about this time period through their eyes.


Reading: Students will read chapters 17-21 in our novel "The Witch of Blackbird Pond". This novel has many historical connections to the time period of the Quakers and the shaping of the colonies.  We will finish this novel up by Christmas break.


There will be a  READ THEORY assignment this week. 
It will be due on Friday and is expected to ALL be done at school.

******Students were given their ReadnQuiz 2nd quarter assignment.  They have until December 21st to accumulate their points to achieve the grade that they choose.

Grammar:  Students will be identifying and correctly using capitalization and punctuation rules in writing.  We will be using the Shurley Method to help learn and apply these rules.
Writing:  Students will begin to analyze and write a persuasive essay.

Spelling:  Students will be doing some review lessons.


There will NOT be a SPELLING TEST Friday morning!

Contact Me!
Mrs. Hoff

Created: Aug 13, 2009
Updated: Dec 11, 2018
Viewed 5057 times

Contact Me!
Mrs. Hoff

Created: Aug 13, 2009
Updated: Dec 11, 2018
Viewed 5057 times

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