Mrs. Schneider

Special Announcements and Reminders

*Thank you to everyone who made Teacher Appreciation Week feel special.  I appreciate it a lot.  

*May 14th: Boys' Guest Speaker

*May 16th: Star Lab

*May 20th: Pro-Life Talks

*May 21st: Field Trip to Fernald  

*May 22nd: Girls' Guest Speaker/Charity Walk for MS

*May 24th: Mission Day

*May 29th: LAST day of school!!! :) :) :)


Students will be taking their LAST 5th grade math test on Tuesday of this week. :)It will cover the ruler, conversions of customary units of length, weight, and capacity, and the metric system. 

Students now have accounts for Prodigy Math.  It is an online program that allows them to play a game against each other while reviewing math skills.  I am asking that each student play Prodigy at least 15 minutes weekly.  This can be done at school or home.   I assign questions that are related to what we are learning in class as well as ILEARN practice questions. 

***You should be seeing "Minute Math" sheets coming home in Friday folders. These sheets include 10 math problems that review different concepts. Students complete them alone in class, and then we go over them as a whole group. They will not harm the students' grades.  However,  I do challenge and encourage the students to do the best they can. This is simply a way for us to continue to review concepts after we have moved on to something else. ***Some students who need a challenge will be completing the 6th grade Minute Math sheets as well as the 5th grade sheets.

***We have started doing time tests every other Friday.  All students start at 2s and 3s and work their way up to 12s throughout the year when they are ready.  If this is something your child struggles with, practicing at home will be helpful. This is something they will need to have mastered before going on to higher level math classes!!

***Students can find tutorials for math concepts on the 5th grade webpage. The link is under "math" and "pageLinks" as well. I specifically suggest Kahn Academy for help! This is a good way for the kids to see how a concept is taught. Maybe they forget how to do a problem once they get home from school? Maybe they need to see problems completed a different way?  Use this resource! 


We are wrapping up language arts for the year and will be working on creating characters from chapter books we read in class. We are done with vocabulary!!

***Each Monday students get a new vocab list. This goes home on their spelling list.  We talk about the words and typically play a game.  Then, later in the week, students are asked to write a sentence about these words or finish a sentence that is already started.  We work hard in fifth grade on making complete sentences and using the correct context for the words. Students are tested over these words on Fridays.  Any help at home with this is always appreciated. :)  

***Students have usernames and passwords for This website can be used at home for extra reading and English practice.  I can view student progress through the teacher account. It is a great tool for everyone! 

Social Studies

We will be reviewing what we have learned in 5th grade social studies through a couple of different activities. 


Our last religion test over chapter 12 will be Tuesday of this week.It will cover the different forms of prayer. 


Students will take their final open-book science quiz on Wednesday.  We worked on outlines today.  The quiz will cover space. 


Spelling test on Friday!