Mrs. McKinney
6th Grade

6th Grade Math with Mrs. McKinney




Students will get to read as many books as they want and take quizzes whenever they are ready to earn points for a prize.  Their goal is 30 points for an "A" for a reading grade each quarter.   If a student earns more than 50 points, he/she can receive a treat like a candy bar or a small bag of chips.

Students need to read books that have 5 or more points.  
Deadline for 1st quarter books is October 1st.



Students have their own copies of the Jingles and the Reference pages.  They are expected to keep these pages handy and in proper working condition for the year as we do not have textbooks for English.



We are praying the rosary each week so make sure your child has a rosary. If your child does not have a rosary, he/ she will not get participation points.  

**Saint of the Day Presentations

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