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Weekly Study Sheet

Attached you will find the study sheet that goes home every Monday morning. On the front is the outline of what we are doing that week and on the back you will find your child's spelling words. This paper is VERY important in 4th grade. It lets you know about important tests and quizzes!!!

Study Guides

Here you can find study guides for up-coming tests.

ReadnQuiz - Quarter 4

This assignment began on March 4th and ends on May 22nd!!

Use the chart below to see how many points or passed quizzes your ReadnQuiz account should have in it by the due date. On the average each student will need to read two to three books by the due date. Please let me know when you want to take your quiz. They may be taken whenever you are ready, but must be taken at school! Don’t forget the higher the score, the more points you earn, so remember you are reading for a grade and not for fun. You may need to take notes as you read to ensure that you are not missing any details. Happy reading!!!!


Points in Account/

Passed Quizzes


Grade or Prize

50 + OR 21 passed quizzes

A+ and chips and pop

36-49 OR 10-11 passed quizzes


31-35 OR 8-9 passed quizzes


26-30 OR 6-7 passed quizzes


21-25 OR 5 passed quizzes


16-20 OR 4 passed quizzes


0-15 OR 3 passed quiz


Fourth Grade Policies

Late Assignments - If you have a late assignment you will receive 5 percent off for each day it is late.  If you have many late papers, you may receive a lunch detention to get your work caught up!!!