Mrs. Back
First Grade

Reading: This week's phonics focus will be reading and spelling words with "air, are, ear".  This week's sight words are: favorite, few, gone, surprise, wonder, young .  Please help your child practice reading these words at home.  I will test them over reading these words on Friday.  This week's vocabulary words are nation (a group of people living in one country) and unite (to join together). The students need to understand what they mean.  On Monday we will read Share the Harvest and Give Thanks (pages 302-313).  Please have your child read this story to you on Monday night and return the book to school.  On Wednesday and Thursday we will read Happy Birthday U.S.A.! (pages 398-405).  Please have your child read this story to you on Wednesday and Thursday and return the book to school each day.  Our comprehension focus will be identifying the author's purpose.  They will have their regular test on Friday.

Spelling:  fair, pair, bear, wear, spare, share, favorite, surprise

Math: We will finish working on chapter 9, which covers two dimensional shapes and fractions, on Wednesday.  We will have a short test on Thursday.  We will then begin working on our final chapter over three dimensional shapes.  We will also take our math facts timed test on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Science: We will continue working on the units that cover plants and animals.
Writing/Grammar: We will work on a final writing piece for the year.
Social Studies:  We will do a mini unit over important symbols of the United States.
Religion: We will finish chapter 22, which focuses on Jesus giving us the Eucharist, on Monday.  We will have a test on Tuesday.  We will then begin chapter 23.